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Top 10 Features to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Air Cooler

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Top 10 Features to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Air Cooler

Summer's scorching sun can make spending time outdoors unbearable. But fear not! We, Force Polymers, one of the best Outdoor Air Cooler Manufacturers in Delhi, understand the importance of creating a comfortable outdoor haven. 

Our Outdoor Air Coolers under the brand name RunningStar offer a refreshing and cost-effective solution to cool down your patio, deck, or even backyard gatherings. Before you dive into purchasing an air cooler, consider these top 10 features to ensure you pick the perfect one for your needs:

  1. Cooling Capacity and Coverage Area: Air coolers come in various sizes, with cooling capacities measured in cubic meters per hour (CMH). A larger cooler with a higher CMH will effectively cool a bigger area. Consider the size of your outdoor space and choose an air cooler that can adequately circulate cool air throughout.
  2. Multi-Speed Settings and Oscillation: Multiple fan speeds allow you to adjust the airflow for your comfort level. Look for coolers with oscillation features that distribute cool air evenly across your designated area, preventing hot spots.
  3. Water Tank Capacity and Refilling System: Larger water tanks mean less frequent refills. But if portability is a priority, a smaller tank might be preferable. Choose a cooler with an easy-to-fill inlet and consider models with automatic water refill systems for extended cooling periods.
  4. Durability and Weather Resistance: Outdoor air coolers need to withstand the elements. Look for models with robust, weather-resistant exteriors made from UV-treated plastic or galvanized steel to ensure long-lasting performance. We, one of the leading Plastic Air Cooler Manufacturers, offer a wide range of outdoor coolers built with high-quality materials to endure even the harshest conditions.
  5. Noise Level: Nobody wants their cool retreat interrupted by loud machinery. Check the decibel rating of the air cooler before purchasing. RunningStar air coolers are designed with noise reduction features to ensure a peaceful and relaxing outdoor experience.
  6. Ice Compatibility: Some Outdoor Air Cooler in Delhi comes with ice chambers. Adding ice to the water tank further enhances the cooling effect on particularly hot days.
  7. Dust Filter: An air cooler with a built-in dust filter not only provides cleaner, fresher air but also helps to protect the internal components from dust buildup, increasing the cooler's lifespan.
  8. Easy Maintenance: Look for air coolers with easily accessible water refill inlets and removable cooling pads for effortless cleaning and maintenance. Regular cleaning ensures optimal performance and extends the life of your air cooler.
  9. Convenience Features: Consider features like a timer function that allows you to pre-program cooling times or a remote control for adjusting settings from a distance. These can add to your overall comfort and enjoyment.
  10. Brand Reputation and Warranty: Opt for a reputable brand like us- one of the foremost Jumbo Air Cooler Manufacturers, known for its quality products and reliable customer service. A solid warranty ensures peace of mind and guarantees product support should you encounter any issues.

Final Words

By considering these top 10 features, you'll be well-equipped to choose the perfect outdoor air cooler from RunningStar. Transform your outdoor space into a cool and inviting oasis, allowing you to make the most of your summer and create lasting memories with friends and family. Visit us- one of the reliable Air Cooler Manufacturers in India, today to browse our selection of high-performance, feature-packed outdoor air coolers and beat the heat this summer!

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